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Ngongotaha Wood Trust,
Affordable Willowhaven Holiday Park

Rates for all accommodation and Holiday Park charges effective from 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023

Daily Rates Public,  Public Peak         Off-Peak    

Discount allowed as noted only >>

Where the Public stay for 7 days or longer the printed rate will be discounted by 10% for their entire stay, this discounted rate applies all year for Public Peak or Public Off-Peak.

Public Accommodation all types a family is, two adults only, extras are charged over & above this as noted, except Union family see below.

Tourist Flats $110.00 $95.00

2 Adults, then $20.00 for each extra adult and $6.00 for each extra child


$110.00 $95.00 2 Adults, then $20.00 for each extra adult and $6.00 for each extra child

Cabins $90.00 $75.00

2 Adults then  $20.00 for each extra adult and $6.00 for each extra child

Powered Sites 

  • 10% discount applies to charges for Caravan Club & Motor Home Association of NZ this discounted rate applies during the Public Peak period only.

Powered Sites & Non Powered for Tents, Camper Vans & Caravans


$20.00 $40.00

1 Adult and $6.00 for each extra child

2 Adults and $20.00 for each extra adult and $6.00 for each extra child

  • Public Peak charges apply from the 20th of October to the 30th of April each year

  • Public Off-Peak charges apply from the 1st of May to the 19th of October each year.

  • Camp charges relate to, Children under 2 years no charge, between the ages of 2 to 12 years are charged the child rate, 13 years and older are charged the adult rate.

Rates for Associated Unions & their Members    “See list below”

            Daily Rate                                                                  Extended Stays

Tourist Flats & Chalets


Family per night as below

Tourist Flats & Chalets



Family to stay 7 nights & pay for 5 nights

Family to stay 5 nights & pay for 4 nights



Family per night

as below




Family to stay 7 nights & pay for 5 nights

Family to stay 5 nights & pay for 4 nights

Powered Sites & Non Powered Sites for Tents or Camper Vans


Family per night

as below

Powered & Tent Sites



Family to stay 7 nights & pay for 5 nights

Family to stay 5 nights & pay for 4 nights

  • A Union member/family when staying in any of the accommodations, paying the Union rate is limited to 2 adults and 2 children, extras will be charged at the Public rate of $20.00 for each additional adult and $6.00 for each additional child.

  • Where a union member makes the booking for their family, charge the member the family rate. If it’s an extended group with additional adults and or children either into that unit or a second unit charge the Union unit rate and $19.00/adult & $6.00/child for each additional person at the Manager’s discretion during “the off-peak period only’.

  • To receive the discounted rate for any classification proof of current membership must be produced. The manager may decline the discount without proof of membership.

  • Chalets, Tourist Flats & Cabins have bedding linen provided. Towels are available on request at $2.00 each

Rates for Associated Unions and their Members apply to the following;

  • First Union

  • NAWU, Northern Amalgamated Workers Union

  • MUNZ, Maritime Union of New Zealand

  • CFMEU, Forest & Furnishing Division, Australia

  • Conference centre hire for all users is $200.00 a day, to use the smaller partion area only it is $75.00 a day. Broadband is available in the conference centre, whiteboard, overhead projector, microphone and associated equipment. Arrange with the manager for its use. A $50.00 bond is required prior to use which will be refunded after inspection by the Manager at his/her discretion.

  • WIFI facilities are available on-site, and access codes and vouchers are provided at the camp office for a small charge.

  • Other camp charges;

    • Site fees  $1,320.00 a year

    • Permanent sites for one person $110.00 a week, for two people $220.00 a week

    • Storage fee a week for caravans $17.00, boat trailers $12.00

    • Towel hire at $2.00 each

  • Dogs are allowed in the camp only when prior approval from the manager has been given, the decision is in his/her hands whether to allow or not. Dogs or other pets are not permitted in the chalets, tourist flats or cabins at any time and dogs must be on a leash at all times.

  • Smoking or vaping is not permitted in any of the accommodations or amenities or conference centers at any time. This is a requirement of the camp and compliance with appropriate legislation.

  • If any damage occurs to any camp facility or accommodation while staying in the camp this must be reported to the Camp Manager immediately and a request to make good that damage will be made to restore it back to its original condition. Leaving the camp without following this guidance will be treated as a negligent act on your behalf.

Dennis Dawson, NWT Trustee, 30/3/ 2022

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